Friday, 17 November 2017

Minor Project - Further Character Development

After speaking with Alan today I realised some flaws with both of my characters. Some of these details are only small and may not even be noticeable at first glance. The biggest changes are I have re done the side view for both characters to help visually represent them better. I have also tried the main character Junior in a few different poses and another costume.


Thursday, 16 November 2017

Minor Project - Character Development

I have taken my character and created him digitally. I feel as if I still need to work on my digital painting skills but the character is how I would like him to appear. I feel as if he has the right mix of mischievousness and innocence to heighten character likeability.

The Garbage-o-saur

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Minor Project - Further Character Development

 I have been working on the overall look of my character, trying to work to get him to a final point which I am happy with. At first my character looked too innocent for the role he was going to play. I needed to make him more mischievous and a bit rougher. The first few drawings aren't final but was the start towards my final character.

 The image above and the following ones below of the character are what I would like my final character to look like. I will now start drawing him digitally and working on different colour comps to make the character the most appealing possible.

As well as working on the main character of the animation, I have also been finalising the design of the Garbage-o-saur. The secondary character in the animation. I feel as if I am at a point to take this character to be drawn digitally as well so I can work on different colours and expressions.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Minor Project - Post it note Storyboard

As I have learnt in previous projects, my drawing skills aren't to the best of their ability and drawing multiple things can be very time consuming, such as a storyboard for example. I am still planning on drawing a storyboard which I will then use to create an animatic, but for now I have created a storyboard from post it notes. This allows me to easily move shots around, cut them and add some, without loosing the added time it will take to draw and re draw these shots. I have worked on this storyboard trying to finalise it and am happy with how it is currently looking. Once this is reviewed by Alan or Phil I will then use it as a base for drawing my storyboard, knowing what to draw for which shot.

The orange post it notes contain the camera movement and the action of the character.

The blue post it notes contain the dialogue of the poem that will be read throughout the animation by a narrator.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Maya - Stand in to create duplicates

Using stand in's to create duplicates of objects. This technique will work very well with my final animation when creating a jungle, as I can use the same principles for the trees and shrubbery.

Maya - Mass smoothing objects

Using  an override to smooth all objects for render, rather then pressing "3" on the keyboard.

Maya - Arnold Toon Shader

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Minor Project - Character Development

I am currently working on developing my main character for my animation. The aim is to create the character in a simplistic style that will translate well to 3D. The simplistic style will fit into the world in which I am trying to create and I feel will work best with the animation. Another bonus to this is it means I will be spending less time modelling a detailed character, being able to put this time into other aspects of the animation. I am planning on having a plain face for the character then using 2D textured eyes, mouth and eyebrows, to fit in with the simplistic style. 

My first attempts at designing the character: 

After the original attempts I came to the character above as the one that I preferred the most at the time. But after speaking to Alan I found out the proportions are off and he also recommended going simpler to help stylise the piece better. From what he showed me and recommended I build on this character and came to a design that I am very happy with.

I am very happy with the design of these characters and the overall appearance of them. I still need to work on them to come to a final character that I am happy with. Once a rough final character has been drawn I will take it into illustrator to crate final images of the character.