Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Minor Project - Idea Outline and Stylisation

For my minor project I will be completing pre production for an animation about a young boy who is set a list of chores. He has had enough of doing chores so he uses his imagination to turn these boring jobs into something enjoyable for him.

I am currently writing a poem to be the voice over of the animation, almost in a Dr Seuss style. I have been discussing this with Phil and will be developing it more over the next few weeks. The aim of the poem is to supply a narrative for the animation. It will take us into the main characters imagination and allow us to see the world from their perspective. I feel as if it will help create impact throughout the animation and also appeal towards children, which will be the target audience, as it is something more memorable then simple dialog within the animation.

The main point of the animation is to look into perspective. How a child's mind and imagination allows them to enter a completely different world from their perspective. I find this a very interesting topic as it allows endless possibilities and has very few limits when coming to the creativity I can put into the environments and the narrative. I feel as if the use of the imagination will make the style of the animation very a creative way.

For the style of the animation I am hoping to use simple 3D objects for foreground scenery and will use 2D matte paintings for the background environments. I feel as if this will help create depth within the scene easily but still allow me to create these environments, that take place in the character imagination, in fairly simple, less time consuming method. For the main character I have been working on sketches of him but will develop this more and when I feel it is complete, take it into maya to be built in 3D. I plan on giving the main character a full body and facial rig. I am still trying to decide if that character should change clothes within these different environments. I feel as if this is a very important issue as it would be a lot more time consuming, but will help us be more emerged in what the main character is imagining.

Environment Visual Reference
Character Visual Reference

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Year 3 - Rough Script for Idea

I decided to write a rough script to help convey my idea across clearly. The premise of  the story is to try and show that some times the biggest obstacle that are in front of us, are put there by ourselves. The idea for this comes from when I was younger I found I would not ask for things in certain occasions, due to me worrying about the reaction I would get or being told no.
The script is a very rough script which I have wrote to show the challenges a young boy would put in his own way using his imagination.